WayUndervalued Introduction

WayUndervalued identifies stocks that are "way undervalued" based on an estimated future valuation and ranks them.  WayUndervalued companies are identified by applying the same algorithm across all companies, although the percentage a company is undervalued largely depends on the historical P/E ratio of that company.

WayUndervalued analyzes and tracks nearly every publicly traded company in the United States, including all stocks traded on the NASDAQ, American Stock Exchange, & New York Stock Exchange.  This amounts to over 5,000 companies.

WayUndervalued.com identifies companies that are likely to outperform the overall stock market and "shares" that information (pun intended) with anyone interested.  The idea here is to take the emotion out of stock trading and identify stocks that are way undervalued solely based on the numbers.

WayUndervalued stocks are currently priced accurately, but severely undervalued based on future earnings.  This site defines a stock as undervalued if it is 50% or more undervalued based on this calculation.  If the calculation shows that a company is 100% or more undervalued, it is considered "Way Undervalued".  The calculation used is unique to this site.  It is similar to Forward P/E, but the problem with Forward P/E is there is no context as to what P/E ratio the company normally trades for.  Stock screeners will find you companies in a given range of P/E ratios or Forward P/E ratios, but they also don't take into account what multiple each company typically trades at, which varies widely.

Over the past few years, I used a spreadsheet to calculate & rank how much a list of companies is undervalued and sorted them by percentage undervalued.  I programmed the spreadsheet to download current price, estimated future earnings per share for 2 years, and average P/E ratio for a list of companies I was interested in.  I used this information to purchase stocks that were undervalued and had success with the method I was using.

I shared the data from the spreadsheet with other investor friends & coworkers who also made money using it.  I created this site to share the list of undervalued companies with anyone interested.  For now, the site is completely free and no registration is required.  Enjoy!