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These 3 Healthcare stocks are Way Undervalued

There are 3 large cap healthcare stocks that recently became Way Undervalued ouf of over 350 stocks in the Healthcare sector.  Each of these companies is currenty trading nearly three times below next years earnings.  No other Healthcare stocks even come close to this discount.  These 3 companies are currently more undervalued than any of the airline stocks I've recommended on the site.

The first of these healthcare stocks is trading at the biggest discount.  Mylan (MYL) stock is down over 30% since it's 12-month peak.  Currently trading at $35.99, Yahoo lists its 1 year target estimate at $50.89.  I'm recommending Mylan since I've never seen it trading at such a large discount to future earnings.  There's a huge upside for Mylan.  18 months ago it was trading in the mid-70s.  Mylan won't lose its Way Undervalued status until it trades above $58 per share or it's earnings adjust.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
Teva (TEVA) has also taken taken a recent tumble from it's 2015 high over $70 per share.  Currently trading at $36.53, Teva has a 1 year target estimate of $54.87 and would lose Way Undervalued status at around $50 per share.  This is another healthcare stock under accusation of price fixing, which explains why the stock has taken such a recent beating.

Gilead Sciences
The third Way Undervalued stock is a Biotechnology company currently trading at $72.42.  Gilead Sciences (GILD) has a 1 year target estimate of $95.74 and will keep its Way Undervalued status up to $102 per share.  Gilead traded over $120 at the high point last year.

These healthcare stocks have potential to outperform other companies in the sector.  They will likely outperform any company in the stock market based on their severe degree of being undervalued based on future earnings.  There's always a risk of those price fixing allegations impacting future earnings, which explains why shares have been hit so hard recently.  At these prices, buyers are expecting future earnings to be impacted by some future event.  The last time WayUndervalued identified an entire sector with multiple companies in the WayUndervalued list was when several airlines topped the list 3 years ago.  Airlines have since performed better than any stock.

You can easily find companies with stock prices that have gone down.  What you won't find however are any 3 large cap companies that have gone down so drastically with no negative earnings revisions to match the decline in stock price.  These 3 companies are current the 3 best large cap Way Undervalued stocks, with these airline stocks in a close 2nd place.

These stocks were selected for a good reason.  There's no stock screener out there that analyzes over 5,000 companies in the NASDAQ, American Stock Exchange, & New York Stock Exchange and ranks the most undervalued companies.  The problem with doing this is every company trades at a different multiple, and no screener outside of factors this in. ranks companies using an "apples to apples" comparison to find out which companies are likely positioned to return the most gain.  This is what Warren Buffet does, and it works as you can see here by the most recent WayUndervalued results returning 340%.

Check back once a month to find out if these healthcare companies earnings revisions change their Way Undervalued status, or to find about out new companies that become "Way Undervalued".