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4 Way Undervalued stocks to buy on the dip

The past 6 weeks has beaten down a lot of stocks.  Here are 4 way undervalued stocks to buy on the dip.

#4:Verizon - VZ

Verizon Wireless stock has moved down 10% over the past 6 weeks.  Expected earnings haven't budged much in that time.  This move put it into Way Undervalued territory.  With over a 5% dividend to go along with it, this stock is selling at a big discount.

#3: Metlife - MET

Metlife has dropped over 15% since August.  Expected 2015 earnings did drop slightly, but the recent stock performance is likely tied to the overall market downward movement.

#2: United Airlines - UAL

No surprise here.  Several airlines have made the Way Undervalued list for the past couple years.  United Airlines is down 15% over just the past couple weeks, while expected earnings have actually gone up.  United is currently trading at $51.76 per share. 

The Way Undervalued long-term UAL price target is $176.

#1: American Airlines - AAL

Airlines also make the top spot.  AAL has been a Way Undervalued pick for several years.  Since the peak stock price of $56.20, it has dropped way down to $38.63 per share. 

Expected earnings are up over the past 30 days, yet the stock has dropped during the same period.  Headlines such as the Department of Justice probing airlines haven't helped airlines stock prices. 

Airline P/E ratios should increase over time.  The Way Undervalued long-term AAL price target is $139.  With a 1% dividend to go along with it, this is the top Way Undervalued stock.