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How WayUndervalued works

How WayUndervalued Analysis works: doesn't care about stock charts, headlines, or recent performance.  It doesn't matter if a stock has recently gone up or gone down.  What matters is the current estimated value of a company based on a cash flow of future earnings.

You won't see penny stock recommendations on this web site.  You won't see a "buy of the day", or any short term picks.  WayUndervalued stocks are meant to be held long term, meaning 12 months or longer.

Ever see a stock go up 10% or 20% in a single day after an earnings release, even if the earnings were on par with expectations?  That's because people pay attention to earnings.  Earnings are the best non-emotional way to value a company by mathematically showing what a company is worth.

Sometimes stocks get beat down and become undervalued for a variety of reasons.  Even less often, a stock price goes down enough that it becomes Way Undervalued, or at least 100% undervalued based on earnings.  WayUndervalued is dedicated to identifying stocks that are "Way Undervalued".  The reason a stock is WayUndervalued doesn't matter.  What matters is the value of the company based on future earnings.

More about how WayUndervalued works:

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WayUndervalued Introduction

WayUndervalued identifies stocks that are "way undervalued" based on an estimated future valuation and ranks them.  WayUndervalued companies are identified by applying the same algorithm across all companies, although the percentage a company is undervalued largely depends on the historical P/E ratio of that company.

WayUndervalued analyzes and tracks nearly every publicly traded company in the United States, including all stocks traded on the NASDAQ, American Stock Exchange, & New York Stock Exchange.  This amounts to over 5,000 companies. identifies companies that are likely to outperform the overall stock market and "shares" that information (pun intended) with anyone interested.  The idea here is to take the emotion out of stock trading and identify stocks that are way undervalued solely based on the numbers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can suggest companies that are overvalued so I can short them?

"Way overvalued" companies are also available by looking at the opposite end of the "Way Undervalued" calculation, but I currently have no plans to post this information on the web site.  I don't recommend betting against American prosperity - it's a bad bet.


How does past history impact the Way Undervalued calculation?

Past stock performance is ignored.  Some Way Undervalued companies have gone down recently.  Other Way Undervalued companies may have recently doubled in price, yet they are also Way Undervalued.  Past stock performance has no impact on the Way Undervalued calculation.

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How each company's P/E ratio is calculated

How each company's P/E ratio is calculated
At, the P/E ratio used in the calculation for each company's value estimate is very important, so I am dedicating an entire post to it.

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The historical P/E ratio is calculated using the following:

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Way Undervalued Quotes Now Available

WayUndervalued quotes are now available!  This allows you to look up a quote for any of the 5,000+ companies tracked on to see how any company ranks.  Each quote shows the current year value discount and next years value discount.

Quotes are 20 minute delayed.  Value estimates are updated about once per month.  This feature will allow you to view Way Undervalued Status for any company you are interested in.

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