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Undervalued Large Cap stocks

Welcome to the first release of Undervalued companies.  Make sure to also check out the Way Undervalued Large Cap Picks.  The companies below didn't make the cut as Way Undervalued, which means the 2014 value discount isn't 100% or higher.  Instead, it includes companies that are at least 50% undervalued based on the 2014 value estimate.  Don't be fooled though.  If you are a value investor, the companies below are undervalued and worth considering.

You could argue that some of the 19 companies listed below are safer investments compared to some of the companies in my last post for small cap WayUndervalued stocks.  There's also a wider selection to choose from below than the WayUndervalued Large Cap stocks.  There are definitely more familiar names to pick from.  Here's the list:

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QCOR returns 35 percent in 2 weeks

Questor Pharmaceuticals (QCOR) was announced 2 weeks ago as a Way Undervalued stock.  During that 2 week period, the stock has since gone up 35%.

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How each company's P/E ratio is calculated

How each company's P/E ratio is calculated
At WayUndervalued.com, the P/E ratio used in the calculation for each company's value estimate is very important, so I am dedicating an entire post to it.

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The historical P/E ratio is calculated using the following:

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Way Undervalued Small Cap stocks released

After analyzing over 3,000 Small Cap & Micro Cap companies, the WayUndervalued algorithm has widdled the list down to 19 Way Undervalued companies.  

Since there are only 2 Micro Cap stocks that met the criteria (SIGA & JONE), I included them in the Small Cap list.  SIGA only has 1 analyst providing an estimate - with a low level of accuracy over the past 4 quarters, I might add.  SIGA is one of the riskier ones on the list, but then again this is a list of Small Cap stocks and they all come along with a higher level of risk.  SIGA also carries with it a nice, low P/E ratio.

Here is the list:

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